Why Is It Important To Set Goals Properly? Part I

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The importance of proper planning and goal setting is sometimes done incompletely and this can cause problems for your long term goals. Once you set your inner mind in motion it is a power to be reckoned with so you need to be very careful in the message you give to your creative inner mind.

It is estimated that we only use a small percentage of our brain's capabilities. This estimate makes no mention of the workings of the inner mind and the creative capacities that each of us has. Yet most people fail to utilize it properly. The mind has the ability to take you to places that you have never imagined and it can help you get riches beyond belief.

I invite you to follow along and meet three people that I have worked with and called friends. Their stories are different though they all worked in the same industry; Their journeys are interesting and all are different.

From my observation; The big differences in their stories are the beginning and the planning that was put into place when beginning their business. All three were in the construction industry.

To keep from boring you I have broken their journeys into three different articles that I will be posting .. We will follow my first friend's journey and hopefully you will learn from his mistakes.

The first tale involves a guy by the name of JB. JB was a carpenter. He was in his early 30s and had worked in the construction business all his life. Like a lot of young men; He was ambitious and after a while he looked at his employer and the nice truck that he drove and JB began getting restless. JB began to think that it was not fair that he was busting his butt while his boss just drve around the different projects and lived the good life telling everyone else what to do.

One day, after pondering how unnecessary life seemed to be; JB decided to quit and go into business for himself. He just knew that if his boss could make it in business JB should be rolling in the clover within a short period of time.

JB did set itself a goal. His goal was to have a Carpentry Construction Business and be the boss. That was as far as he went in setting his goal. All he could think about was being in business for himself and being the boss and having people ask him for direction.

After getting the necessary licensing and other documentation JB was in the carpentry contracting business! He did start fast out of the gate and was able to pick up several smaller projects. He put together a small crew and life was good; JB had attained his goal of being the boss!

It came to pass that JB was soon working over eighteen (18) hours a day. He was working eight (8) to ten (10) hours in the field and then he would go home and work another six (6) to eight (8) hours doing paper work, paying bills estimating new plans and doing the paper work to Bid new projects. It was a constant struggle to keep his workers busy.

JB Carpentry continued to grow but JB was not happy! He did not have any time for himself and his family. There was more involved in the construction business than he was initially aware of. After struggling for several years; JB had to admit he was in over his head. He closed his business and moved to another town and went to work for another construction company.

Later when we were visiting he said that he just could not get the right kind of help and insisted if he had enough money he could have made it big. He could not understand that the clarity and planning for his business at the beginning and while it was growing was the problem.

JB did not understand that his inner mind helped him set up his business but then when he realized his goal of being the boss and having his own construction business; His creative mind went on vacation because it had achieved what JB wanted!

How many small companies have you seen that appeared to be successful and then for no visible reason that they went out of business?

There are many reasons that are given for this phenomenon; Some of the guesses are:

* Owner burn-out.

* Fear of Success.

* Poor business planning

Few people suspect that the initial planning and goal setting might be the culprit but I believe this happens more than most people will ever admit.

In conclusion I urge you to do some serious thinking and planning before setting your goal about where you want your creative mind to take you.

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