TV Stands Come Out of the Closet

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There is a new trend in TV stands that is sweeping the industry. This is the introduction of TV stands for marketing and advertising for public presentations, at trade shows, and in classrooms. With this new target user, differences between the traditional residential stand and these new public floor stands can be quite significant. The important thing to know is that these stands are engineered for today’s flat screen TVs, which can be as wide as 72″ and weigh up to 80 lbs.

The first thing to notice with the changing market for TV stands is that they need to be mobile. These stands are used in places where they cannot be stored for months on end. They need to move around quickly and easily. The first thing you may notice is that many of these monitor stands have wheels or casters attached to them. This allows the stand to be moved to and from a transport station to the public location being used. If used for a trade show, for instance, these units can be wheeled in from a parking lot or garage to the show floor. From there the monitor stand can be moved around the booth to the desired location.

This mobility issue also leads to the need for a monitor stand to be lighter than the traditional home TV stand. In this case, wood is not a material that is of use here. These units must be made of lightweight aluminum that offers the durability and structural strength without being too heavy to move around.

Another aspect of TV stands, used in public locations, is the height issue. TVs must be much higher off of the ground because they are made to be viewed by people standing up. These stands need to have the center of the screen somewhere near the eye height of an average potential customer. In general, this height is around 63″ off the floor. You also don’t want your audience to strain at a video screen. This can be alleviated by tilting mounts, some of which offer 15° of downward movement. This is a feature that is nonexistent with traditional stands.

There are many advantages of marketing with video at sales meetings, conventions, and other public events. Familiarize yourself with the features newer TV stands have to offer when shopping for your perfect video presentation aid.

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