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Sex experts are always talking about various things that you can do to HER (or she can do to herself) that will actually give her an orgasm. Also if you have been in a relationship for quite long, then surely you might have come up with your own unique techniques of getting her to orgasm. There is no specific way. Sex is all about experimenting. The more you experiment, the less boring your sex life becomes. I have been doing a lot of reading regarding sex and what exactly pleases a woman. I have always mentioned that a woman is like the most complicated piece of art. But now when we already know that, I read this book where the sex expert says, that what is important is the ESSENTIALS. What matters is what lies beneath and beyond all of the best technicalities.

It is important that laymen like you and I know and learn why a specific technique works better than some other techniques. I was always taught not to accept anything blindly because some expert is saying so. You have to know that this is going to help you, you have to know how is it going to help you, know why is it useful, know practically why it is different from other techniques you and I have read about earlier. So the sex expert took the pain to explain not just the techniques but also explains why they work, and what makes them special. What I am going to do is explain exactly how the author of this book explained the essential things required to learn and know, so that any man can make any woman experience the most amazing sexual pleasure of her life.

The fact that many men do not know is, WHAT KILLS A WOMAN'S sexual tension, passion, attraction and arousal is that men sometimes TRY TOO HARD TO PLEASE HER. This is not good. When you try too hard to please her, it becomes a kind of a sign of weakness, which puts her completely off. Let me ask you to think about this a minute, okay, because this is kind of counter-intuitive. This is not something that you will hear a woman say to you. This is because she will NOT SAY IT. That's a fact. Also now, you will come across many sex experts who will say that "women always love it when her needs are put first as main priority." But this is ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

If you ask her this, it is a sure thing that she is going to nod a yes in agreement. But once you start talking more and more and more to her about it, once you start digging in deep into the same matter, you will find her opening up to you. She will tell you that is not something that she really appreciates She does not always want you to be catering to her needs. She wants YOU to ENJOY every minute of the action with HER. She NEVER will sexually appreciate a man who is wrapped up in a double mind whatever she will like something is going to please her or no, in this effort he just makes himself so nervous that he ends up giving her his ENTIRE MASCULINITY. This is the worst thing that can happen during sex with you, and the fact lies, IT HAPPENS WITH MANY MEN.

Also there is another myth that women DO NOT like men who are 'SELFISH' in bed. This is another FALSE myth. Now that certainly does not mean that you become this predator who is going to pump in her thrice and then go order pizza for yourself. That is not what I mean either. WHAT I AM SAYING is that you have to be a man who KNOWS what he wants in bed, and are not afraid of revealing it to your woman. You should be the man who is not afraid of doing things to your WOMAN to please her. You should NOT be the man in a double mind whether she WILL or WILL NOT like something you do. Women get TOO referred to men who are MASCULINE, and NOT afraid and are unashamed of showing HER what HE wants and what he wants to DO WITH HER. They love men who GO FOR IT. This coincidentally will make sex so much enjoyable for her and you.

Now I am going to explain to you the ABC'S of sex.

O 'A' Stands for ANATOMY.

Obviously every man who is dating or is married to woman knows what exactly lies where in a woman's body. But remember, woman's body is a complicated piece of art, so you just do not conclude that you know all that is actually THERE. Be a learner and not a learned when it comes to sex and female anatomy. Now based on what all you know, I am going to presume that you well know how to spot her clitoris, the g-spot, the cervix, the labia, etc. (If you do not know these scientific or complicated terms you can also Google them.)

So now when you know the basics, you have to start learning the advanced anatomy for which you have to EXPLORE. A woman's body is heaven for an explorer. All women have their own unique erotic maps. Yes all women have their own geography as to when and where they like to be touched or handled to turn her ON. For example, some women go wild when you lick or suck on their earlobes, or some women go wild when you lick, bite and kiss their neck. Now this was from personal experience. But its not necessary that your woman loves what my woman loves. So start exploring and doing different things to spot her TURN ON points on her body. This is an identical different fun part of sex.

O 'B' stands for BODY CONTROL

This is now regarding YOUR body. There are many amazing things you can do with your lips, tongue and fingers to her body, I am sure most of you'll know about this. You should know that to give a female her first orgasm, a tongue treatment there is more crucial than contact with your penis. But once you decide you want to give her the most amazing sexual experience, then you will have to learn to control your erection with 100% mastery over it. Now how will this help? Letting out a female secret here, a woman always loves and is more attracted to a man who has complete self control during sex. A female mind well considers it as a very powerful masculine quality. So now the bad news for most men is that when you DO NOT HAVE the control over your body during sex, then somewhere at the back of her mind she is considering you bit less manly. This will affect her sexual appeal towards you, that means her DESIRE to be sexual with YOU.

Let me now tell you that if you are a man with challenges with self control in bed, then learning how to HAVE this self control is one of the easiest lessons you will learn though a sex program like the one I work with. You will learn it even from the book I have been so influenced by laately. Learning how to have self body control is the EASIEST ways to be GREAT in bed. Why is it? Because in the process of pleasing a woman, this is one of the few things that are there in your control. You can control and vary it from time to time and person to person depending on who and when you are with someone. It is YOUR body and you CAN control it, once you learn the right methods how to. If you are still saying "Now I CAN NOT do THIS" then go back in that chair, and SLAP yourself, and get a grip on yourself. Because I know that YOU CAN, and I know its possible and I know it is difficult, it is going to take some hard work to gain self control, but I am so sure that you absolutely can! There are so many men I have referred this book to and they have over come this problem, so no matter how worse things are with you, you can better them. I am going to tell you another reason why self control is so important. This is because, you can give her a great orgasm with just your tongue and when it comes to giving her an orgasm with you INSIDE her? You will need tremendous self control so that you are able to sustain for long and you send her to places she has never been before. The face-to-face intimacy is just going to drive her crazy and you are going to be the best man in her life just because YOU HAVE SELF CONTROL.

O 'C' stands for CONNECTION.

This is by far the most difficult yet most important part about giving her the greatest experience in the bedroom. Now this is specifically for those men who are with a woman who has never had an orgasm before, this is how you are to give it TO HER. But if you are with a woman who is very orgasmic and can easily orgasm multiple number of times then this is just going to EXPLODE her capabilities beyond imagination about how much sexual pleasure she can experience with you. The fact now comes is that you are going to blow your mind off too when you see the most powerful ejaculation you will experience at the end.

'Connection' is a complex subject and is difficult to understand for many men. Its a complex skill than few men know about and few men manage to learn it from books, experts and their own sources. That is the reason so few men are good in bed and further is the reason why most women lead unsatisfied sex lives. You will be shocked to know that the level to which a woman is capable of faking an orgasm I will not be shocked if your wife comes and brutally honestly tells you that she has actually NEVER had an orgasm all these years she's been married to you. This is a shame that–

Even if she loves you … Even if you are her best friend … Even if you have been with one another for YEARS …

She does not feel enough sexually associated to you to experience an ACTUAL orgasm while making love with you. Also for some women being so CLOSE to you acts as a replant to be sexually connected with you. I'll explain. Have you ever noticed that sometimes when your friend says that this shirt you are wearing is really looking stupid and you should change it. You will forget this statement in the matter of a few minutes. Now IF the woman you love says these same words to you about your shirt, you will feel hurt, or maybe embarrassed or it might even just start a big FIGHT. This is because we are emotionally raw with what we love the most. And most of the times it so happens that this emotional rawness becomes an obstacle between you and the sexual connection you share with her. Your woman is terrified and dead scared because she is so emotionally attached to you and loves you so much that she will not be able to take any sort of rejection. This keeps playing in her mind and she starts to calculate her moves and she does not do anything that SHE thinks you will not like or may not like, because rejection in the matter of love and sex might emotionally destroy her. This is because when you develop such an emotional bonding with a woman, she surrenders herself completely to you. This is talking of making her orgasm out her OWN will.

Now there ARE specific ways how you can achieve this sexual connection with your woman. Mind you if you think it is just luck or chemistry that leads to this connection then your are ENTIRELY WRONG. Now just like there are DO's to build the sexual connection, there are also certain DON'Ts that will probably DESTROY your sexual connection with her. Its disheartening that SO MANY men actually destroy the connection without realizing and knowing what they are up to. Now here are a few techniques that you should start with to begin building that connection with your love lady. ZERO JUDGEMENTS in the bedroom. You have to get her to believe that you are never going to judge her SEXUALITY, her BODY, and the way she RESPONDS to your touch. This may sound easy to you on the outside, but it is harder than you think. What if you disappointed her once in the area? Then you lose your connection before building it, and this building of a connection becomes a Tougher task than what it actually was. You have to be PATIENT. PAY ATTENTION to her. Tune into her body, do not you dare just blindly TRY some technique that you hear works great on OTHER women. Really listen and observe her body and feel what you see she responds and responds to when you are touching or loving her body. If you did not know women CAN tell when you are thinking of something (someone) else. THIS AGAIN IS PERSONAL experience talking here. They can also tell when you are COMPLETELY WITH her.

These were the first steps towards building connection with your love lady. Now there is an exercise you can do that is straight out from this sex enhancement book I was reading. Its called the 'Eye Contact' exercise. Now this may sound boring or like you've heard about before, but you will be surprised how this little exercise will help you build connection with your partner. Now hold eye contact with your partner (preferably lining up your left eye with her left), for a full of five minutes (5 minutes). You might laugh, or you might freak out, and she might even start crying. Then take her into your arms slowly and lovingly and slowly start taking her clothes off and start to make love. Its just simply AMAZING.

I guarantee, if you can do simple steps – learn about her anatomy, take control of your body, and make efforts to build a connection, you will see how simple it is to start making your sex life better and more interesting than many others' .

Thank You for reading … Cheers [_]>

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