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Followers of the iPhone need wait no longer as the iPhone 4 is available now. This update sees a total redesign of the phone, with the result being sleek and stylish looks which look set to win many fans.

Multimedia features are always well catered for on the iPhone, and this is very apparent on the iPhone 4. Capable of shooting video footage at a resolution of 720 progressively scanned lines shot at 30 frames per second, the resulting footage is extremely high quality as you would expect.The iPhone 4 is offered in a choice of either 16GB or 32GB models, giving the user the choice in what is ideal for them, however fans of the high definition video will probably opt for the larger memory to cater for the large storage such footage requires. Autofocus is included on the handset which works on a tap to focus method, and this makes sure your images or film need never look blurry. With regards to the camera facility, images are taken in a 5 million pixel resolution.

Thanks to in built global positioning, photographs can be geo tagged. And low lighting problem need not be a problem as an LED flash has been included on this model. When viewing your photos, the same camera roll feature found on previous models is available, meaning a simple swipe of your finger across the screen scrolls from one photo to the next. Music is well catered for as you would expect from the brand that brought us the iPod. The iTunes music store can be accessed via your own PC or from the phone, allowing you to not only download your favorite tracks but also applications. MP3, AAC and Apple Lossless are amongst the audio formats supported, and the handy headphone jack socket allows for a massive range of headphones to be used with the phone.

The “Retina” display incorporated in the iPhone 4 is the best currently available on a mobile device. A resolution of 960 x 640 can be displayed which means images look smooth and clear on the screen. The 326 pixels per square inch that are displayed exceeds what your own eye can detect, hence the name “Retina” display. A broader palette of colors can also be shown thanks to improvements in the contrast ratio. Anybody worrying about the glass panel used on both the front and back of this handset need not, the glass is treated chemically to help increase durability and provide better resistance to scratches. The glass not only does its job well, but also adds to the impressive new look, and generally makes the phone feel very high end.

For anybody looking for a new phone this year, then you will struggle to find one better than the iPhone 4, which builds upon the great features boasted by the 3G and 3GS and adds some new tricks of its own, resulting in a great mobile phone.

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