How to Serve a Volleyball

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Volleyball serving is probably the most essential skill in volleyball. Anybody is capable of doing it. You don’t need to be tall or abnormally powerful. Just about all you have got to do is practice (you will also find out that a strength is necessary too,. Do some push-ups.).

Volleyball is good in terms of practicing because you can learn a lot of the skills on your own, including serving. Simply find a gym, get a bunch of volleyballs and practice like crazy. If you are able to become an expert in the skill of the serve and keep your opposition guessing, they won’t have the ability to come up with a great pass. When they can’t make a perfect pass, they are going to probably not get a perfect set. A bad set is going to lead to a poor hit that will not result in a kill for the other team, thus setting up your team for a good bump, set, spike. It all begins with the serve.

This is why you must master it. The subsequent directions are for a right-handed server. Lefties, like many things in life, you do the opposite.

Feet and Body Position

The left foot should be slightly in front of right foot.

Weight is on back foot

The only foot that moves is your left foot. Take a step with the left foot, while tossing the ball with the left hand, and contact the ball

Your shoulders should be open to the sideline, meaning you are looking over your left shoulder at the net

Hand position

Open hand fingers spread wide

The toss and the Arm swing

Start with ball resting in left (tossing hand) with hitting hand on top. Hold you arms out in front of your with the ball resting in your left hand and your right hand on top of the ball, at about chin level. The toss should be about 18 inches in the air and should be even with the shoulder of the hitting hand. The toss should be slightly in front of the body (toward the net). Players should draw back their hitting arm with elbow parallel to the floor and wide open hand even with the ear. As the player pulls back, the shoulders ought to open slightly.As the ball reaches the highest point, the player ought to swing the hitting arm forward (keeping an open hand) and hit the ball at the top of their swing with the heel of the open hand. The shoulders and torso should rotate toward the net. One tip if you are really struggling or you feel that you are not strong enough: Work out a little. Perform a few push-ups to get your arms stronger. This should really assist you.

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