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We have been running our entire lives, mentally and physically. Ironically, running away from a situation is exponentially comparatively compared to actually exercising. If you're reading this article, the assumption is you just started running, want to start running, or have been running a bit but need increased results. Over my experience in running I have discovered three methods of increasing efficiency. This is NOT a magical solution or revolutionary regiment, losing weight and getting in better shape is hard work, this will simply give you the rewards you deserve from such work.

One – Adjusting

The majority of running routines I tend to see is something that looks like what I call a "straight line". My definition of a straight line is running a consistent pace at a specific distance; Once it becomes too easy they increase how far they go. This is not a bad running plan at all, but if this is all you're doing – let's just say it is not the best way.

Running a specific distance is a very accepted and common way of training, but it underestimates the body's ability to learn. Every muscle will become familiar and perform the task easier, which is a good thing at first, until you hit a plateau. To avoid this, trying running for a specific time instead of distance, that way you can discover new routes and keep the same duration of exercise everyday.

Two – Intervals

Let's be hypothetical, we will pretend you run the same amount of time or distance at the same pace for 5 days, then take a two day break. This is the consistence quite a few plans follow and it does work well, unfortunately, running the same pace every time every day can halt your progress. Keep the runs that remain the same speed throughout, except remove some to get a few days of interval training. An example of interval is sprinting 2 min then jogging 5 and repeating for the desired number of maximum duration. With a few hours on any search engine you can figure out an interval program that will suit you. This helps to confuse muscle groups and incorporate high intensity into your training to keep you moving forward.

Three – Weights

If you are a woman and reading this, you may think that weight training will give you too much muscle, resulting in looking unattractive. This is not true, with the proper amount of research, you will discover that unsightly muscle gain in women is mostly a myth – unless their goal is to build a ton of muscle (female body builders). It is much more difficult for women to build muscle and moderate weight training will tone your body, not build. This is a common misconception and a huge hindrance with beginning women athletes.

Weight training allows you to work your muscles anaerobically (without oxygen) and increase gains. All you need is 15 minutes every other day minimum and it is an improvement. The number one rule of weightlifting is to never, ever, weight lift twice in one day. Your muscles need time to rest and relax, except the leg muscles. These are the exceptions, they can be worked everyday as much as you want, they recuperate quicker.

The two methods you should use for weight training are these:

-Push / Pull

Push and pull is exactly what it sounds, one day do all weight exercises that does a PUSH motion for 15 min, rest a day, work your legs, rest another day, then do all exercises with a PULL motion next. If you look up Push and Pull work out routines in a search engine of your choice, you will find many helpful articles.

-Biceps, Triceps and Shoulders, Chest and back, Lower body

Work bis, tris, and shoulders one day, rest a day, chest and back another, rest, then lower body. Last day serves as a break day. This is one of the most popular methods to weight lifting and is recommended for complete beginners.

Weightlifting is a must if you are looking to get into your best shape. Make sure to check your ego at the door and be realistic, if you can not lift a ton of weight and are embarrassed, do not be. You can work your way up to that only if you are safe and persistent.

Concluding, all three of the methods described will definitely help increase your benefits. It may also renew enjoyment in your regiment as they get dull after awhile. Exercising is better than not and will give you a healthy, happier life – here's to hoping you reach your fitness goals.

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