How to Frame LDS Art When You Are On a Budget

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When you walk into bookstores like Deseret Book or Seagull Book, they will have art on display. Usually this artwork is quite expensive, well above $ 100. What are you actually playing for? The answer is simple, you are paying for the frame. Getting a piece of LDS art framed can be quite expensive. There are a lot of websites that sell LDS but most of the time they sell only framed pieces. The other concern is that when a piece of framed art is shipped it can be damaged quite easily and you will probably have to pay an extra fee for shipping insurance.

The best way to buy LDS art is to first buy the artwork separate and then to get it framed. Paying a professional to do it will be significantly cheaper than purchasing the art pre-framed. Going to a craft store and asking one of the associates and they will be able to get you a good deal.

The cheapest way to frame LDS art is to go to Deseret Industries. Deseret Industries is a store that is owned by the LDS church, they accept pledges of clothing, electronics or anything else. These contributions are then set out for purchase. I have found that there is a section of used framed art typically LDS art. If you have purchased a painting from an online website and need a frame, a good way to frame the art is to buy a used piece of framed art from Deseret Industries and then replacing the old artwork with your new purchased piece. The price is really cheap usually in the $ 5 – $ 10 range, which most people can afford. By framing the art yourself you will save quite a bit.

The disadvantage to framing yourself is the quality. Trying to make a painting fit can can be quite challenging. You might need cropping tools, you might easily damage the painting. If you go this route you will want to make sure you know what you are doing.

Make sure that when you purchase a frame that it matches your home and your d├ęcor. Showcasing LDS art in your home will allow you to share your faith with other people and maintain a spirit of reverence in your home. Many people will have LDS art on their walls that they can change for each season. In this case you will want to make sure you have frames that match each season.

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