Glaucoma Therapy – How to Cure Glaucoma

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Glaucoma is a disease that affects the eyes and if not treated can permanently damage the optical nerve which can result in blindness and loss of vision. This article will detail a few Glaucoma therapy treatments available and the advantages and disadvantages with regard to each.

The damage caused by glaucoma is commonly caused by a high intra-ocular pressure. This pressure is provided by a clear liquid, aqueous humor, which flows through the eye helps to maintain and nourish the tissue within the eye. In circumstances where the production of this liquid is increased and the methods for drainage are reduced damage occurs to the nerves and peripheral sight is lost, this effect is called Open Angle Glaucoma (OAG).

A way to treat this form OAG is to assist in lowering the pressure within the eye, the treatment for this is usually through eye drops, laser therapy or surgery.

The most common Glaucoma therapy treatments are the eye drops, the disadvantages for using eye drops are that they can be expensive, messy and can have side effects. In addition to this depending on the severity of the OAG you may need to use them for the reminder of your life. Some of these drops assist in draining the fluid while others act to reduce the amount of fluid produced, the effect being the same.

Lasers also can be used for Glaucoma therapy. This technique is called laser therapy. Laser therapy uses lasers to target the cells in the eye which contain melanin which is a natural pigment. The body will then act to repair the damaged cells and as an effect of this will decrease the pressure that has built up within the eye.

Glaucoma as stated can cause permanent loss of vision if it is not treated. There is no way to determine whether the glaucoma has been successfully controlled and as such if you have this condition you should make regular trips to your GP to ensure it does not get out of control.

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