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Do you have it in your organization – or do you just think you do?
Does everyone answer the phone – the right way?
You may and should have a written policy.
But if it is not followed – how good is it?

Does everyone in your organization know it, follow it, live it?

Do they understand it?
Do they understand what you expect?

If not, you could be on your way to some problems.

I was meeting with an organization the other day.
I just listened as the phone was answered, a very simple piece of customer service.
Most people do not even know or believe it is customer service.
But trust me, the way you answer the phone, specifically if I have never called there before, might be the difference between a new customer and a hang up.

So first I listened to what should have been the normal answering to a phone call.
Hello – this is NA, Inc. Thank you for calling us, how can I be of service to you today?

Nice, I liked it.
It told the people they had the right place.
It thanked them for calling – even before anything else.
And it laid out there the ground work for the next step – how can I be of service.
Nice touch I told them.

This is what everyone in the organization should have been saying, but as you learn from the following, they werent.

Instead, here is what you heard when you called and others answered.

Hello – how can I help you.




NA, Inc.

What can I help you with today?

And a few more – some not even this good.

Well – is it a big deal or not?
I can tell you this, you better take some time and see how your phone is being answered.

If you are the caller – what would you think?
If you are calling for the first time, looking for help – what would you think?

The real issue is that most of the time, the problem is not the people working for you. For some reason we think everyone knows how to answer the phone – most people do not. They never were trained in how they should do it. Further, no one ever called them on it for the way they were doing it. So things just go on.

Today's simple rule: Define, train and enforce how your phone is to be answered. Every time, by every one. It is a big deal. Just think of how many potential customers may never have gotten to you or your team?

This is an easy one to fix, but the payback can be huge. I love to call my customers and my prospects just to see how the phone is answered? How is your team doing?

Note: Those of you who are solo entrepreneurs, the only one in your business – this applies to you just as much. How are you answering your phone? Difference between deal and no deal!

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