Billiard Balls – How to Clean Billiard Balls

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Your pals have started making excuses for not coming to your home for they don’t like the look of the billiard table without shiny, colorful balls. What will you do? You will follow a simple cleaning technique to make them look like new in no time.

You will need a wax to clean your billiard balls. There are plenty of brands of wax and cleaners available in the market specifically for this purpose. Go for the wax that is especially made for the billiard balls. If you will use any other kind, it will leave a residue on your table cloth. Choose the best one for optimum cleaning performance.

Clean the balls with a dry cloth. If this is not enough and the balls still look grimy, use some soap and water to clean them. The next step is to apply the cleaner that you have bought from the market. Simply follow the instructions on the package and get going. Allow the balls to dry after cleaning. The next step is to apply the wax.

You can also try and wash your billiard balls in a dishwasher especially if they are resin-based. Resin balls are just like standard glass in the dish washer. Make them go through a gentle cycle in a normal strength detergent without a steam dry. Harsh detergent will be too rough on the balls and will damage the shiny finish leaving scratches and marks. Furthermore, space them apart. Don’t put them closer in the dish washer. After the cycle, just splash some tap water on them, buff them up and they will be clean and shiny.

If you don’t want to spend money on commercial cleaners and would rather apply some home remedy to clean the balls, hot water and a little mild soap will solve your problem. This is good for polyester based balls. Don’t wash them in the dishwasher. Sponge can be used for removing their tough stains but don’t scrub them rigorously. Simply dry the balls with a clean cloth and then apply wax.

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